How should Apple review CoverFlow and introduce 3D icons

Andris, 2008. március 26.

CoverFlow was a revolutionary new feature which first appeared in iTunes 7 in 2007. It was a very usable feature and it gave us the ability to visually browse through our albums, songs. Although it was only spectacular when you had your songs tags properly filled with the artist info, and also you had the cover for the song included in the song file.
For music CoverFlow was ideal. Cd cases are almost two dimensional, they don’t have depth, so it is easy to display them in CoverFlow without distortion.

But then Apple extended the CoverFlow view to the whole system with the introduction of Leopard at the end of 2007. Also in Leopard the native size of icons are 512 x 512 pixels to enable us to view CoverFlow in bigger sizes. Now here comes the BIG PROBLEM. This won’t be boring! Read on!

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